Sacramento, CA – Al Bottalico, Executive Director of the Pacific Association of Domestic Insurance Companies (PADIC), an association of small to mid-sized property and casualty insurance companies based in California, announced today that PADIC is donating $5000 to the Redwood Credit Union’s North Bay Fire Relief Fund. Redwood Credit Union is covering all of the administrative costs of this funds fire relief efforts so 100% of this donation will go to the fire victims and relief efforts.

“PADIC expresses its deepest sympathies to those impacted by the recent devastating fires and we offer our sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery. We expect monies collected by this fund will help the insured and uninsured California residents impacted by this tragedy.” said Mr. Bottalico.

Collectively PADIC members will be paying millions of dollars to California home owners and drivers to cover insured losses from these recent fires. The PADIC member companies stand ready to assist policyholders through this difficult time.

PADIC is headquartered in Sacramento, CA and has been an Association since 2004. PADIC works with regulators, legislators, consumers and policyholders to improve understanding of insurance issues, to keep costs and prices at reasonable levels, to promote healthy and competitive agency-based insurance marketplace and to recognize the economic contributions made to California by domestic insurers. To learn more about PADIC and its members, please visit our website at

Article from Business Wire.